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Machines and equipment are offered complete with a 12 month warranty from date of installation, subject to machine operation and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

We warrant the goods are new and un-used and free from manufacturing defects.  We warrant that we will repair/replace any items that become defective within 12 months from the date of supply.  We reserve the right to ask for defective parts to be returned to us for inspection prior to replacement.  Consumable items including fuses, belts and bulbs are not covered by this warranty.

See below for details of warranty type:

1)  Parts only

DrillsTB23, TB30, TB32SV, SBS23, SBS32, SBH23S, SBH26S, SBH32SV, SB40, SB40K
BandsawsBS100G, BS100GS, BS120, BS128DG, BS150G
LinishersBSM75, BSM75-2, BSM150, BSM150-2
Sheet Metal Working/ Bending Machines All Models
Arbor PressesAll Models
Lifting JacksAll Models

2) Back to Base:

DrillsSB55SV, GB32, GB33
BandsawsBS160G, BS260G, BS180, BS180G, BS230, BS275G, BS350DGH, BS350DG
Hobby LathesMD90-350, MD125-500, MD125-750
Circular SawsKKS 315L

3) On-site Parts and Labour:

Drilling MachinesGB35, GB50, GB65
Milling MachinesAll Models
Centre LathesMD155-910, MD170 series, MD180 series