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Hobby Lathe
MD 125 - 500

Hobby Lathe
MD 125 - 500

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  • Hobby Lathe with heavily ribbed prismatic bed made from ground grey cast iron, hardened and super finished
  • 6 No. of spindle speeds (100/250/350/500/900/1800 rpm)
  • Hardened and precise grounded V guideways
  • High concentricity precision
  • High manufacturing precision
  • Hobby Lathe with with bed, cross and compound slide
  • Automatic slide/lead screw drive
  • Change gear set for threading
  • Taper roller bearings of high quality
  • Lead screw for threading or automatic straight turning
  • Right-left hand motion
  • Hobby Lathe equipped with top slide safety guard
  • Emergency stop button
  • Test certificate
  • Budget priced, precise and of stable value

Standard Accessories

  • 100mm 3 Jaw chuck with lathe chuck guard
  • Rear splash guard
  • Dead centre MT2 and MT3
  • Change gear set
  • 4 way indexing toolpost
  • Splash tray and operating tools

Distance between centres500mm
Centre height120mm
Spindle hole22mm
Spindle taperMT3
Tailstock taperMT2
No. of Spindle speeds6
Range of Spindle speeds100-1800rpm
Motor power230V/750W
Dimensions (LxWxH)950x500x400mm
Net Weight105Kg
Item No.245 1125

  • Lead screw spindle drive through oil running switched geared head

  • Model: MD 125 - 500
  • Shipping Weight: 90lbs