Where do the machines come from?

Epple machines are manufactured in China and Taiwan, under Epple’s close supervision and to their very exacting standards. The machines are shipped to us from Epple’s factory in Germany, where the machines are inspected and tested prior to despatch to ensure they reach our customers in the best condition.

What's the quality like?

Epple Maschinen goes to great lengths to ensure that all their machines are of the highest quality possible. Epple machines offer an exceptional quality/price ratio. They are well made and, if used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, Epple machines will give good, reliable and long service.

What happens if something goes wrong with my machine?

Obviously we don’t want anything to go wrong with your machine. The machines are generally very reliable, however, we do recognise that sometimes things do go wrong. Depending on the type of machine, and the nature of the fault, we may ask you to prepare the machine for us to collect from you for repair at our Watford works, free of charge. We may offer you spare parts free of charge or, for larger machines, an on-site parts and labour warranty. Spare parts are available off-the-shelf in Germany and are shipped out via DHL courier. Whether your machine is on a parts only, back-to-base or a parts and labour warranty, there is no cost to you within 12 months of the supply of the machine. Please refer to our warranty statement for full details.