At Epple-UK, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service. We take great care to ensure that the product reaches you in good condition and our 12 month warranty gives you peace of mind – See chart below for details of our warranty and what you can expect from Epple-UK

In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong with your purchase, we will ensure that you are up and running again in the shortest possible time. Our service department are on hand to assist with any technical issues that you might have and to organise the despatch of spare parts or Engineer, where required.


Machines and equipment are offered complete with a 12-month warranty from date of installation, subject to machine operation and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

We warrant the goods are new and unused and free from manufacturing defects.  We warrant that we will repair/replace any items that become defective within 12 months from the date of supply.  We reserve the right to ask for defective parts to be returned to us for inspection prior to replacement.  Consumable items including fuses, belts and bulbs are not covered by this warranty.

See below for details of warranty type:

Parts only:

Drills All Stepped Pulley Bench and pedestal Drills  (Except TBH, SBH and SV55 SV models)
Milling & Drilling BFM 16Vario, BFM 20 Vario & BFM 20L Vario
Lathes TU 1803 Vario & TU 2004 Vario
Bandsaws BS 125GS, BS 151GS & BS 128DG
Grinders and Linishers D/E Grinders, Combined Grinding and Linishers & KRBS 100 Tube Grinder
Sheet Metal Working / Bending Machines All Mechanical Bending, Rolling and Sheet metal machines Including Crimping Machines, Arbor Presses and lifting Jacks
Arbor Presses All Models
Lifting Jacks All Models

Back to Base:

Milling & Drilling BFM 16Vario, BFM 20 Vario & BFM 20L Vario
Drills TBH, SBH, SB55 SV, GB32 & GB33
Milling & Drilling BFM 45 Vario, BFM 45 PG Vario, BFM 45 PGV & BFM 45 PGDV Digi
Lathes TU 2406, TU 2406 Vario, TU 2506, TU 2506 Vario, TU 2807, TU 2807 Vario, TU 3018 & TU 3018 Vario
Bandsaws BS 180, BS 180DG, BS 210G & BS 210GF
Circular Saws KKS 315L & TM 350


On-site Parts and Labour:

Drilling Machines GB50 V, H-SB 60FV & H-SB 60NC
Milling Machines All Models except where indicated above
Lathes All Models except where indicated above
Saws All Models except where indicated above
Grinders ERSM-114, EZB BSM 2.100, FSM 500 & FSM 500RT
Sheet Metalworking Machines & Presses All Models except where indicated above